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After Death, what is left?
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Nathaniel Scramling
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
To keep things short, I essentially want to be like the Alice Cooper of the art and design world. I want to create loud, frantic works of art that really grab your attention and suck you into the void that is my twisted imagination, yet when you leave, you're left in such bewilderment and awe that you'd desperately want to return. Maybe you'd even want to set up a vacation home there!

Current Residence: Eastlake, OH
Preferred Drawing Media (Traditional): Pencil, Sharpie, Micron and Technical Pens, Prismacolor Markers (for values), some Charcoal, Pastels
Preferred Drawing Media (Digital): Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6
Current Education: Associate's Degree in Graphic Design at the Virginia Marti College of Art and Design in Lakewood, Ohio
I have done Illustrations, Graphic Designs, Character Designs, Concept Art, Vector Art, Pixel Art, Photography, Flash Animation, and Photomanipulation
I Hope To Get A Job In: Game Design, Illustration, Graphic Design (namely with media, like movie posters, DVD/CD covers/labels, advertisements, etc., or apparel, like T-shirt graphics and other outerwear graphics)
Currently Involved in Drawing: Dark-themed/horror imagery, character art and concepts, creatures and monsters, vector prints (for selling)

So how 'bout that Far Cry 4, eh?

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 16, 2014, 6:02 PM
God dang, this game looks like a freaking jewel. I know I can get it on the 360, but I feel like it's only fair justice to get it on the One. Perhaps my favorite part about Far Cry's recent entries are its villains. Villains make it or break it for me when it comes to stories, which explains why I love Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess so much, with Zant being one of my favorite all-time villains. The Jackal from Far Cry 2 was cool, throwing a ton of psychological thoughts into your brain about war and his ideals were golden, but he was hardly present in the game. Vaas was hysterical to watch and is an unforgettable character, but I was upset (as I'm sure countless others were) to find that he didn't get much screen-time. Hoyt had great build-up, but was no where near as diabolical as Vaas. Then we have Far Cry 4's villain, Pagan Min...


Holy god, I freaking love Pagan Min. This guy is cool, and I know I shouldn't come to this conclusion yet before I even play the game, but I can't help myself. Also, he just looks downright hot. I'm straight, but I have to say it; Pagan Min is a really attractive guy (you see those eyes?). It's so strange, honestly, I have a hard time identifying this guy as a villain. I wanna be buddies with this guy, I don't wanna have to kill him! And it's so strange 'cause I know he's the villain! The box art says so! Have any of you seen the Easter Egg alternative ending? There's no spoilers to the story itself, other than the way the ending itself is found, so if you've not yet watched it, you might want to. It sheds a whole new kind of light on Min.

Not just the villain excites me about this game, though. There's so much incredible stuff in this game that I wanna do; you can ride elephants into battle, pilot a gyrocopter (my inner Crimson Skies fan is screaming right now), battle in an arena, play co-op in the main open world... and you know, Kyrat in and of itself is just a place I wanna explore. It's beyond gorgeous, and it may end up being my new favorite world in any video game if it's as enjoyable as it looks. In fact, check out this video I found. Maybe this'll get you psyched like me.

I made a poll down below to correspond with this journal. Out of the recent Far Cry entries, who's your favorite villain? If you want to, go ahead and explain why, for I'd love to hear your reasoning behind it. Also I'd love to hear if anyone else has a mad man-crush on Pagan Min like I do! 


Background by Shimaira
  • Mood: Excited

Far Cry Villains. Which is your favorite? 

2 deviants said Vaas (Far Cry 3, first half of game)
1 deviant said Pagan Min (Far Cry 4)
No deviants said The Jackal (Far Cry 2)
No deviants said Hoyt (Far Cry 3, second half of game)


Hellboy Head Sketches by Primogenitor34
Cobra WIP by Primogenitor34
Favorite Pokemon WIP by Primogenitor34
I can draw' ya' some quick pencil sketches or lineart, if you want something as simple as that. Lineart can be done in either pencil OR Micron pen (client's choice), but sketches will always be done in pencil.
Character Reference/Concept Art
The Panzie Man - Commission by Primogenitor34
King Amqueela by Primogenitor34
Laurada the Benevolent Warrior by Primogenitor34
If you'd like, I can create a character for ya', and include anything else you may request for me to add in, such as bios, color sheets, or anythin' else.
Traditional Artwork
The Wisest Man by Primogenitor34
Pencil Still Life Binder by Primogenitor34
Imhotep by Primogenitor34
I'm able to create works the old fashioned way, with a good ol' pencil (or Micron Pen) if you ask for it. Just be sure to provide a description of what it is you want drawn, and if you're able to, please provide references if the work calls for it (home photos, for example).
Vector Illustrations
The Poisonous Ninja by Primogenitor34
Kagura Mikazuchi by Primogenitor34
Viral by Primogenitor34
 You can request for me to draw ya' a quick and dirty illustration of whatever ya' want, in my vector style. All vector art is done in Illustrator, but I may incorporate some elements from Photoshop if appropriate.
Full Vector Prints
Junkie by Primogenitor34
The Void by Primogenitor34
Branching Out by Primogenitor34
You can request from me a poster-sized illustration, done in my signature vector style. Created in Illustrator, but elements from Photoshop are sometimes included. Drawing sizes should be either Paper, Legal, or Tabloid (be sure to clarify when ordering)
Apparel Design
Angel of Death Shirt Designs by Primogenitor34
The Void Skate Apparel Line-Up by Primogenitor34
Blue Shell Shirt by Primogenitor34
I can drum up a cool lookin' shirt design for you, if you're interested. Most designs should have at most 5 colors, to reduce printing costs (ink's stupid expensive). You can request to have it mocked-up on a shirt to see how it'd look when printed, too (be sure to tell me the shirt colors; no more than 2 shirts per design).
Graphic Design
LCC Video Game Expo Poster by Primogenitor34
The Average Gamer Infographic by Primogenitor34
Halo DVD Cover by Primogenitor34
If you're in need of a practical design. I specialize in posters and poster advertisements, infographics, CD and DVD labels, and branding. Minimum price is $10 (1000 dA Points), but can reach $20 (2000 dA Points) depending on content, complexity, and planned usage. The Adobe Creative Suite is my primary tool for all graphics.


Even in the Summer by KorikoRan

I'm a fan of this. It's a really nice, pleasant drawing to look at. For some reason, it reminds me of those really old paintings from b...

Autumn Landscape in front of O'Leary and McGauvran by PonderHope

Okey, let me just say first off that I absolutely love the texture of this image. I can zoom in really really close and never lose the ...


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